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Work together to fight the epidemic and ,ensure stable supply and production

19 Jul 2022

Since March, the COVID-19 broke out in many places in China, which has caused a great impact on our logistics and transportation. Our customer, Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd., (JMC)as the largest manufacturer of negative pressure ambulances, medical waste transporters and COVID-19 vaccine transporters in China, is making every effort to produce more ambulances for the fight against COVID-19.

The brake, steering and other hoses produced by our company are the core components of negative pressure ambulances, but because many of them are unconventional parts, there are not many stocks at ordinary times. We considered the overall situation and our General Manager Mr.Wang Chunming took the lead and organized the delivery of materials and implementation of production. Mr.Xu Xing, assistant to the General Manager, responded quickly. Through our cooperation and great effort,we have delivered qualified products on time.

To this end, JMC sent a letter to us to thank our company for the support. We will continue to put the market and customer needs first, provide customers with first-class services, and create maximum value for the society.

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