Founded in 1949, Nanjing Orientleader Technology Co., Ltd. (ORLETE) was originally known as Nanjing 7425 Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd..We have approximately 600 employees and we are located at No.581 Ningliu Road, Luhe Economic development area, Nanjing, China.

As a modern enterprise engaged in the research and development of rubber products, we focus on innovative, intelligent and green manufacturing. ORLETE is the National Standard setter for rubber hoses in the automotive industry and the independent enterprise for high-speed rail rubber hoses in China.

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  • 142+

    132 active patents by the end of 2021 (48 invention patents)

  • 120+

    About 120 employees working in R&D

  • 6%

    R&D investment accounts for 6% of sales

  • 126 million USD

    USD 126 million sales in 2023

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