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The company passed the quality system audit of ISO/TS

06 Aug 2022

From March 28,2022 to March 30,2022, the audit expert group of Bureau Veritas Certification Co., Ltd. conducted a 2.5-day audit of ISO/TS 22163:2017 rail transit quality management system. After audit, the company’s ISO/TS 22163:2017 quality management system meets the standards, operates effectively, and has passed this supervision, audit and certification.   

The difference between this audit and the past is that the whole audit is conducted through online audit. Due to the severe situation of the current COVID-19, the audit teachers in Shanghai cannot arrive at the site for audit, and the company’s system certificate is about to expire, so after comprehensive consideration, we decided to adopt online audit, which is a new audit method for the audit teachers and the company’s internal, and we need to fully prepare the audit data in advance. Each responsible department shall prepare the audit materials one week in advance, which shall be repeatedly checked and confirmed by the quality assurance department. At the final meeting, the audit teacher expressed his gratitude to all departments for their full preparation. It was precisely because of the sufficient preparation of materials that the audit process was carried out smoothly and the audit was completed within the planned time.

The supervision and audit of rail transit system is a good opportunity to improve the quality management of the company. All departments should continue to optimize and standardize various rules and regulations in accordance with the requirements of system standards, improve the effectiveness of the quality management system, practically promote the improvement of product management, and provide more opportunities for the future development of the company.

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