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Turbocharger hose


It is used in the intake system of automobile engine to connect the turbocharger, intercooler, intake manifold and other automobile parts, and transfer the hot air in the turbocharger to the intercooler. The air cooled by the intercooler is transferred to the intake manifold to provide sufficient air for the engine combustion chamber and improve the combustion efficiency of the engine.

Structure: rubber layer / reinforcing layer / rubber layer

Medium: air

Standards: QZZ11222-2013、GMW 15408、ISO 17324-2014、GB∕T 33381-2016


type Working temperature℃ Material
Wrapping/Knitted structure -40℃~100℃(max 125℃) Neoprene
-40℃~110℃(max 125℃) Chlorinated polyethylene rubber
-40℃~125℃(max 125℃) Chlorohydrin rubber
-35℃~185℃(max 125℃) Ethylene acrylate rubber
-35℃~175℃(max 125℃) High temperature resistant acrylic rubber
-50℃~250℃(max 270℃) silicon rubber
-40℃~260℃(max 275℃) Fluororubber / silicone rubber

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