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Air conditioning rubber hose and assembly standardization and design related training are held in ORLETE

21 Oct 2022

In the afternoon of October 18, 2022,Sun Kejian, the deputy general manager of technical institute, provided training on the standardization and design of air conditioning hose and assembly for technicians of the business division of the medium and low pressure hose plant.

Mr. Sun explained the structure, size and technical requirements of hose joints and hose fittings for automobile air conditioners; It is applicable to pipe joints and pipe fittings for automobile air conditioners, their structural types, schematic diagrams and abbreviation codes, as well as air conditioning pipeline design and process requirements, parts design requirements, etc.

With more and more customers involved in air conditioning pipes, including BYD, JMC, IVECO, Geely, Dongfeng Motor, etc., A lot of projects have been developed, so this kind of training is beneficial for technicians, which makes engineers more clear about the standardization of air conditioning hose, which can solve problems in the later project development process and avoid cost loss due to design.

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